Catholics urged to Pray for missionary works

Catholic Christians in the Malawi have been urged to be pray for missionary work activities in the world during the month of October.

The call is line with the extraordinary missionary month of October that the Catholic Church has set to put much effort in carrying missionary works to the ends of the world.

Speaking at St Teresa small Christian community- St Pius Catholic Parish under the Archdiocese of Blantyre, National Director of Pontifical Missionary Society in Malawi, Fr Vincent Mwakhwawa urged Catholics to pray for missionary works to reach out many people that are in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Father Mwakhwawa further urged parents to be encouraging their children to take part in all activities during the extraordinary missionary month of October in their respecting small Christian communities.

“We know that during the month of October all Catholic do have Rosary prayers but this year is a special in that when we are praying our Rosary we have specific intentions towards missionary work in the world” said Father Mwakhwawa.

He further commended St. Pius Catholic Parish for the activities outlined during the Extraordinary Missionary month.

“I am quite impressed with the way Catholic Christians from St. Pius Parish have begun their activities in this month, I have seen that Children are taking part in these activities and it is my plea that other small Christian communities must not leave aside children when they are carrying out all activities of this special month” added Father Mwakhwawa.

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi chose St. Pius X Parish of the Archdioces of Blantyre to be the Model Parish for all activities of this special month. Besides having rosary prayers during the month of October, this year Catholic Christians in the world are being urged to deepen their prayer life through reflecting on the Holy Gospel and the Catholic teachings.

It is a special year for the celebration of Mission works in line with the call made by Pope Francis. The current Pope called upon Catholics to revive the Missionary spirit, a call that was also made a century ago by Pope Benedict XV in a document known as Maximum Illud.


Apart from Prayers Catholics are also being asked to contribute generously towards missionary works in countries that are yet to be evangelised.